I do not teach ESL (English as a Second Language), meaning grammar, vocabulary, idiom.  Accuracy and fluency in the language of English is necessary to work towards English Clarification in accent. I have worked on English Clarification and Speech skills with many individuals in the corporate world and Francophone Theatres.

Some companies include:


GL group (Germanischer Lloyd AG)


French Theatre Companies:                  French Actors in Film/TV/Theatre

TOUT A TRAC                                                                         Gad Elmaleh

  THEATRE DE LA PiRE-ESPECE                                           Remy Gerard

THEATRE DE L’OEIL                                                              Gerard Darmon

THEATRE 4Dart                                                                       Mitsou

JEUNESSES MUSICALES DU CANADA                                Benedicte DeCary

ESPACE GO                                                                             Karine Vanasse

RIDEAU VERT                                                                          Melissa Desormeaux-Poulin

THEATRE LE GROS MECANO                                               Yves Jacques                                                                                       

THEATRE DE LA PIRE-ESPECE                                            Toby Pelletier

                                                                                                   Jean Marchand

                                                                                                   Jean -Marc Genereux

                                                                                                   Stephane Demers

                                                                                                   Anne Marie Cadieux


-     Intonation:  Key/Weak words                              - Sound Shifts: Vowel and Consonant Clarification

                          and Reduced sounds

          Sound Groups and Linking                            - Working Public Speaking Skills

          Staircase Intonation

          Rhythm and Melody:                                      - Formal and Contemporary Pronunciation

             - vowel length in words

             - Phrases and sentences                            - Text Analysis

             - Compound words/set phrases/verbs



WHY  English North American Accent CLARIFICATION?

We all speak with an accent!  

One accent is no better than another!

Yet, many

CORPORATE PROFESSIONALS, who are required to speak in public, to committees and to clients,

ACTORS, who are  work touring and playing in both their native language and English,

are asked to or encouraged to either :

1.  gently clarify their intonation/pronunciation  or

2.  even modify their home accent to a more ‘GENERAL NORTH AMERICAN”  - “or “neutral” sound. 

As in any work situation, it is not about what is right or wrong, but what is appropriate for the particular work.  What are the appropriate clothes, tools, vocabulary for the work?

Yet, one does NOT have to deny part of one’s identity while speaking in a “General North American” sound.  On the contrary, modifying only some aspects of rhythm, intonation and pronunciation can lead to more CLARITY OF THOUGHT AND SIMPLY ALLOW THE LISTENER TO UNDERSTAND AND FOLLOW YOU -THE SPEAKER - WITH MORE EASE.

GAD ELMALEHinterview

CJAD Radio The Andrew Carter Show  May 17 2017  Montreal Quebec

GAD ELMALEH  This American LIfe Radio Show

Becoming A Badger:    September 9, 2016

On Set with Mitsou Gelinas clarifying English pronunciation.

TV Pilot: “Mitsou’s Cuisine”.

“Wicked Old Songs”

‘La musique inquiétante’

Rideau Vert/The Segal Centre, Montreal

2009/2010 Best English Language Production

L’Association Québecoise des Critiques de Théâtre

Emile Proulx-Cloutier

English language and American Accent

Jean Marchard (at piano) Austrian accent